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Our Story

Founded in 2013, Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is dedicated to saving dogs from kill shelters and off the streets of Texas and Mexico. Our rescue is 100% run by a large, national network of compassionate, dedicated volunteers who work diligently around the clock to save lives. We are foster based and adopt dogs out in both Texas and New England.


Meet the special people who got us started.

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Founders & Board Members

Philippa Scott


As the founder of Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue in CT, Phillipa’s love for animals and tenacity to help others combined beautifully. 

She joined forces with her partner, Amy, to expand Addicus’ Legacy to Austin in 2014.   

With the support of dedicated volunteers in Texas, the Northeast and Ohio, they have helped save thousands of dogs from Texas, Mexico and even Thailand.  

Philippa is beloved in the rescue community and remembered as an inspiration to all.

Philippa tragically and unexpectedly passed away on August 15th, 2021. 

Her passing left behind many broken hearts, but her spirit continues to inspire Addicus volunteers to keep the rescue mission on target.

In Memory of Philippa Scott

Amy Metz-Stanton

Founder & Board Member

Amy helped found Addicus in the Austin area in 2014, which is the main center of our operations.   

Despite the devastating loss of Philippa, Amy is driven by the fact that she loves saving dogs and she knows that the mission must continue.  

Inspired by dogs and the rescue, Amy founded Lucky Love Dog, a give back brand that produces cool dog gear for compassionate dog people(   

Some adopters might recognize the donated Lucky Love Dog collars on dogs that are on transport to CT. Lucky Love Dog gives back to shelters and rescues around the country and is committed to not only creating swoon worthy dog gear, but spotlighting the mission of dog rescue across the country.

Marcia Holschuh

Board Member

Marcia came out of retirement to help save dogs in Texas!  

She has been a critical team player since she first joined Addicus a few years ago, and is our lone Ohio volunteer! 

Many know her daughter, Carly Beth, who lives in Texas and also volunteers for Addicus.

Besides being a jack of all trades internal problem solver, Marcia handles Addicus’ finances. She pays vets and keeps our books organized, as well as handling administrative 501c3 and insurance paperwork.

Billy Graham

Board Member

Billy and his wife Aimee have fostered dozens of dogs over the last years, taking on many of the most difficult medical and behavior cases. 

When we say his heart is as big as Texas, we mean it. 

Billy is a great addition to the Board because he loves helping volunteers sort out issues and does so with compassion. 

Billy is already making a positive difference here at Addicus and we are thrilled to have him on the Board! 

Tiffany Caouette

Board Member

Tiffany is our Northeast/CT Addicus liaison, and will be familiar to many as she is the friendly face and voice behind our transport arrivals in Connecticut on Saturday mornings. 

She has been a volunteer with Addicus for many years, starting as a foster when the rescue originated, as well as volunteering as an Adoption Coordinator. 

Tiffany’s career in education and vast experience with policies and organizational systems will be assets as we establish clear roles for our important volunteers. 

We are thrilled to have her helping behind the scenes as we grow this amazing rescue!

Lynda Jensen

Board Member



We save dogs from high kill shelters and off the streets of Texas and Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands of extremely adoptable dogs and puppies are euthanized every year in the US and there simply are not enough homes for the dogs that end up in shelters. 

Many times, a perfectly healthy dog has just three days to find a home before facing euthanasia.  Owner surrenders are given zero hold time and can be euthanized upon arriving at a shelter.  

After rescuing our canine friends from  high risk situations, we then house them in foster homes across our network of committed volunteers. Once fully vetted and healthy, we then market the dog and find the perfect family for them.   

As part of our application process, our adopters talk to the foster parents to learn about the dog they are interested in. If a dog is locally fostered near an applicant, we are happy to schedule a meet and greet. 

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